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Kayla King
Born in Texas
17 years
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This weekend holds very special memories for you and I, Kayla. This is the opening weekend of deer season, Ma Bowman's birthday today, and also the day when we turn our clocks back an hour. You never did care much for the hunting thing but I remember the first year we lived in Tallulah, Louisiana. We called Ma Bowman the morning of the first frost. Every year on the eve of the first frost, she would say, 'there's gonna be frost on the pumpkin in the morning.' When we called her that morning, we all told her there was frost on the pumpkin in Tallulah. She couldn't hear very well but she thought that was the cutest thing, that we would remember that. Many years have passed since then and every year I think about that when it starts getting colder out. Here in Commerce, Texas we have not seen the first frost yet. Today is also your Ma Bowman's birthday. You were named after her, Addie Mae Bowman. Never a more virtuous woman have I met in my life. Naming you after her was perfect...I see it now...her spirit of kindness, compassion, long-suffering, contentment, patience, commitment, and love showed in your life after Ma was gone to Heaven. Where Ma left off, you picked up and helped Kristin and the babies until it was time for you and Kristin to go on to Heaven. It blesses my heart to know you are all there together. You know, when Kaylee was born and it came time for Kristin and Kaylee to go home, that was the day that Ma passed away, 11-16-08. We called Kaylee 'Lil Ma' because we were sure that Ma's work was done when Kaylee was born and that's why she died that day. That's where your work began...with Kristin, Hagen and Kaylee. I know when Kristin died, your work was done too. I will never know any finer people in my life than Addie Mae Bowman and Kayla Mae King. I pray Hagen and Kaylee somehow inherit your wonderful spirits. Now onto a funny memory...the time change...I remember you and I would sit and argue about whether or not we gained an hour of sleep in the fall and lost one in the spring or not. Listening to the logic behind your arguement, I agreed you were right...in the fall I got the same amount of sleep before and after the time change and in the spring, same thing only I lost the hour. I smile as I think of your arguements about that. Even to this day, when someone mentions getting that extra hour of sleep, I tell them about you and our debates on the subject. You know Kayla, you always had to win any debate and I let you win that one but tonight I get an extra hour of sleep :)

I was just outside mowing the yard here in Commerce, TX and remembered the day at the trailer when you went outside to mow. I came out and told you to let me do a few rows and I wouldn't give you the mower back. I mowed the whole yard. Boy were you mad at me. It just made me smile because I remember how sarcastic you and I could be and that day was just funny! I love you Kayla Mae and miss you!
cheyann horton
kayla..i will never forget you... you are such a smart and beautiful girl.. you were a true and loving friend that i was blessed to know..i will never forget that one halloween we went to ada nessian and went through the scary drive in... that was fun and you cracked me up.. well i love you and i wish you were here... luv ya lots
I remember the day you made your appearance in this world, 18 years ago today. You were 'my little red caboose', my last child, and I knew it. Oh how you were loved and spoiled by everyone around, probably more than any child should be. I remember when I brought you home to your sisters and family all around...you were IT! I remember all of your birthdays but especially your 16th when you lived with Kristin. I cannot imagine what my life would have been without you in it and thank God for chosing me to be your Momma and you to be my baby daughter. I miss you every day and wish I had all of those years back again. You will always be my Kayla Mae, Tater Tot, Miss Mae, Kaymae, Mae-Mae. I love you Kayla and am very proud to have been your Momma. I love you forever, I love you for always, as long as I live, my BABY you will be! Happy 18th birthday Sweetheart!
In those myspace messages, I was reminded that when Hagen was born, Kayla called herself 'KAYMAE', and that is what she wanted to be called by her nephew Hagen Don. Little did she know that Hagen would change that to MAE-MAE and that's the way it would remain....and so MAE-MAE is what is shall always be! I'll tell you, Kayla was a very, VERY PROUD AUNT and she let it show in her actions, words and deeds...God bless her for that, I will never forget!
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