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Kayla King
Born in Texas
17 years
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Family Tree
I found some myspace messages from 2007 and 2008 from Kayla. It blessed my heart to remember how happy she was with her life and being able to provide help for Kristin in caring for Hagen and Kaylee. Today is Hagen's 4th birthday and I know his life was molded not only by his Mommie but also his Mae-Mae, and she would be so proud of him. I pray Hagen never forgets Mae-Mae's unselfishness and kindness.....I know I will NEVER forget! I love you and miss you beyond words 'KAYMAE'!

I remember your 'SWEET 16' birthday. It was a huge surprise for you! Kristin and I were planning Hagen's 2nd birthday party which was ALL BACKYARDIGANS. Kristin agreed to let Momma have you a surprise party at the same time. When I ordered Hagen's party stuff, I ordered yours. I even remembered to get your 'SWEET 16' shirt. It was blue. I remember the look on your face when you walked in the fellowship hall of Oakland Church, you were sooooo surprised! You even told Momma, "you remembered the shirt." I hugged you and told you I WOULD NEVER FORGET! Kristin made and decorated your cake and it was AWESOME! I am so glad, now, that I did that for you! You deserved so much more but I'm glad I was able to do that much for you. I love you Kayla and I will miss your birthdays!

I remember last year and the fun we had buying more fireworks for Hagen. You, Kristin and the babies lived in the trailer by then. You wanted to make sure Hagen had quite a show. But then again, you always wanted the best for him and Kaylee. You were the one who lit the fireworks that night and they were beautiful. We ALL had a good time. I remember when you were little, really little. You were afraid of even the 'SRARKLERS' Granny would buy you and your sisters. Eventually though as you got bigger you wanted the fireworks to get bigger too. I remember you used to save your allowances just before the 4th so you could buy more than just what Daddy and I could afford. You had such a good time every year. I even remember you scaring me on SEVERAL occasions with black cats and getting such a kick out of me not liking the smoke bombs! The years went by so quickly! 
I remember when you used to watch Little House on the Prairie and learned how to spit from watching Mr. Edwards teach Laura how to do it. You were the best SPITTER! I have soooooo many memories!
I remember when you were born and how happy I was to be your Momma. I will always be proud of you for your sacrifices to help Kristin with the babies and your unselfishness when it came to doing something that you believed in. I love you and miss you every minute of every day!  
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