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Kayla King
Born in Texas
17 years
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Family Tree
Shirley, Lauries Mommy
Kayla is so beautiful... I am so sorry for your losses.. You are in my prayer... Candles lit in their memory.
Terrie Whiteman
I am lighting a candle in your honor sweet Kayla and know you will always be remembered with love. Terrie & Joey
Lyndee Caldwell
Kayla, Just thought I would put down in words how I miss you so. Life is not the same without you two, but full none the less because you live on in Kasey Jo. She feels so guilty. I know heavens wonderful, and if by chance there is a little corner of mischief up there, I know you are in it, having a ball! I Love You! Ms. Lyndee
Lighting a candle in your memory Kayla Mae King. Today is your Ma Bowman's birthday...Addie Mae Bowman...your namesake...
Nancy(gp) Matthew's Mom
Remembering you and lighting a candle to shine as bright as your spirit. Let your mom feel your love, she misses you so much.
I love and miss you Kayla Mae, my baby daughter!
One year ago today I had to let you leave this life but I'm lighting a candle today because your life made me a better person!
Lighting a candle for you tonight Kayla Mae in memory of your sacrifices and love for your family! I love you and miss you!
cheyann horton
Kayla.i wish i could have said goodbye but you know i love you and you are a special person,and true friend. i love you and miss
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